As I wait in the airport for my plane to arrive, 

Off on my holidays, summer’s finally here, 

Picking up my staircase, never felt so alive, 

After so many hours of endless cloud, land is near! 

Finally landed and the heat hits my face, 

Seeing the yellow, sandy beach,  

Running towards it, keeping a good pace, 

Grabbing a mocktail; flavours of pineapple and peach. 

In the sea, surfing, swimming,  

Feeling the cool tide rushing over my feet, 

Relaxing on the beach, time to catch up on my reading,  

Licking the brightly- coloured ice-cream, oh so sweet! 

In and out of shops, buying souvenirs, 

Lying in the sun, to get the perfect tan it would seem,  

I wish my holidays would last for years and years,  

The Summer of my Dream.  

-Ellie Jewkes, Creative Writing Team