By Danielle Potts,

It’s been a fair few weeks and Hannah’s back again

She survived the nuclear bomb but the world is not so zen

I’m really not sure how she escaped that deadly nuclear blast

The Earth’s now a wreck and the humans… she’s one of the last

When she emerged from the soot and rubble of her tower

(and smelling at the smoky air, ‘My god! That smells so sour!’)

She climbed on top of the hill of debris and looked all around

But all that surrounded her was nothing- really not a sound

She saw the fires from impact, the craters and the rubble

She knew she had to find some others and quickly on the double

Hannah didn’t want to die so sadly on her own

And sought at least a partner to ease the destructive tone

She knew that civilisation maybe could start all again

And maybe in the future there’d be millions to the ten

Soon she made her way down to the burnt and black shops

Then smiled when she realised that when the population drops

It’s easier to afford more and resources aren’t in stress

No sky-high prices and there’s more that you could guess

She could be richer than the richest and own a fancy house

But then as she thought, she started having doubts

There’s little to no one out there and money’s not the concern

It’s the prospect of survival that Hannah has to learn.