Hey there, future me,

Are we happy,

Wherever we’ve ended up?

How’s the job?

Did we achieve our dream?

Was it everything we hoped it’d be?

Sorry about all the questions.

It seems like I’m pressuring you a lot

But you know I’m curious.


It’s not fair that you’re carrying

All my hopes and dreams

But you’re my only salvation

My only way out; The future me,

Don’t work too hard, okay?

Have we stayed in touch with everyone else?

How’s mother? How’s our house?

I hope it’s not too lonely

I hope that bare space feels like home

Filled with all the things we love

Filled with all the people we adore

It better be in Aberdeen, a small,

Cosy place overlooking that nameless beach

That we fell in love with, one windy day

I bet there’s an entire room dedicated to books,

The many volumes we’ve collected over the years

Do we still cry over everything we’ve read?

How’s independence working out for you?

Mother still calls up everyday to check up on you, I’m sure

Did we manage to become a functioning adult?

(Do we still feel so empty inside, this apathy-

Are we still- Do we- Did-)

Anyway, all this rambling must be distracting you

I’m sure you have things to do

So, I’ll be off.

Yours faithfully