By Mia Bains and Elizabeth Burnett

For those who don’t know, Mrs Gillard is an English Lit teacher, who has been teaching at WGHS since 2020…Read on to find out some great book recommendations and hear all about Mrs Gillard’s favourite films, songs and her dream holiday!

What is your favourite WGHS memory?

My favourite WGHS memory was my first house arts in 2022 – because I was able to see a new perspective on the student’s talent, as an English teacher I mainly see talent in writing so it was interesting to be able to experience acting and theatrical talent. I felt much more engaged in the 2022 house arts as you could see the student’s excitement more vividly than in the video 2021 House Arts.

What would be your dream holiday?

My favourite holiday that I’ve been on was to Florida, Universal, although I was 23 years old I still of course had to get all of the autographs. It was really amazing, the highlights being seeing Belle and also all of the food. If I had to pick another dream holiday it would be to go to Japan- I’d love to see all the cherry blossoms in bloom and experience a totally different country, immerse myself into a new culture. I’m also a big fan of anime. Another upcoming dream holiday plan is New Zealand, because of my love for Lord of the rings, which was filmed there; its my 30th birthday plan with my twin!  

What are some books you have read and enjoyed recently?

Black leopard, Marlon James, it was really interesting read set in Africa; intertwined with different cultural and tribal beliefs, from the perspective of a hunter searching for a child, which is an unusual but intriguing writing perspective.

The Bone Sparrow, Zana Fraillon, this book explores what it means to live as a refugee, and centers around Muslims from Burma, who are put in Australian camps, and is told from the perspective of a boy who has only ever known the coldness of the refugee camps described in the books. I would recommend this book to all year groups because of its important themes that include friendship and grief.

What is your favourite film, and genre?

If I had to pick a top 3 it would have to be the Lord of Rings series (amazing world building, and the depth of Tolkien’s imagination), Dune (cinematography, and of course Timothee Chalamet) , Marvel films (more so the old ones like Captain America) – Fantasy has to be my go to genre! However if I’m picking a least favourite it is Horror (followed by rom-coms…), the jump scares and the plots aren’t for me.

What is your favourite song?

My karaoke song is Never gonna give you up: I love 80s cheesy pop like Duran Dura. But my music taste is very much varied, I also love MCR, Michael Bublé, AC/DC, essentially all genres other than country (with the exception of Jolene) and rap (with the exception of Eminem) 

What job would you do for a day (other than teaching)?

I would absolutely love to work with animals, so maybe I would work as a dog sitter for a day…

Looking back, my job at Primark was a whirlwind, I did enjoy the confrontation aspect, and the energetic atmosphere, although I got shouted at a lot – I would return but just for one day!

Bonus question: What is your favourite colour?

For me it has to be sage green- the colour of my bridesmaid dresses! A least favourite is fuchsia pink…