A summer’s day in 2050, Hannah needs supplies 

London’s as hot a Barcelona and the heat’s still on the rise. 

Wiping the sweat from her brow, Hannah steps outside 

Sees some kids up on the street (‘My God! They look fried!’

Upon reaching our future shops, Hannah enters smoothly 

Takes a stroll down the aisle, she picks up some muesli 

When she’s done with her big shop, she takes it to the till 

But the self-service machine doesn’t do her will 

‘You’ve taken too much food!’ The AI. did but say 

‘Put some food back on the shelves and come back here and pay.’ 

Hannah did as she was told, and took her food back home 

And soon reached her eco-tower, letting out a groan 

‘I hate these food shortages,’ Hannah Creed did curse 

‘And this situation will only get much worse!’ 

I’m afraid she’s very right if you don’t take action now 

Save our Hannah’s future, and in case you don’t know how 

Save the water, stop the waste (don’t burn it, just saying) 

Take the action, do it now, don’t just stand there praying! 

In the end, I am sorry, Hannah got blown up- 

Right before she could even say, ‘Can I borrow a cup-?’ 

The world leaders had too much, they were eager for power 

And so, all this craving turned them all so sour 

They waged war at one another, and last of all 

Putin got a nuclear bomb and that was our downfall. 

-Danielle Potts, Creative Team