If I look into the mirror in 20 years time,

Would I see the same face looking back at me?

Or would her face be distorted, with no reason nor rhyme?

Would that girl see what I see?

Dear future self, how do you do?

Are you the same as all those years before?

Dear future self, are you seeing things through?

Or do you look into that mirror, wishing you were more?

If I look into the mirror in 20 years time,

Would I be scared of the face staring back?

Would the girl in the reflection be on the uphill climb?

Would she keep herself on the right track?

Dear future self, am I supposed to be proud?

Are you achieving what we wanted?

Is your head in the clouds?

I have so many questions, which I ought to find out

But will they ever be answered? Will I ever stop this doubt?

I think of you often,

My dear future self,

And I cherish you always

Your love is my true wealth.

20 years on, and I look back and reflect.

That beautiful girl and I finally connect.

My questions were answered, and they’ll soon be revealed.

Theres more to come for my dear past self, but for now, it’s for her to keep concealed