Hello to myself I hope we are well,

Please don’t tell me that we still dwell;

On those friends –you remember- who tore us apart,

Those friends –you remember- who shattered our heart.

Never mind that for now we’re mature

I’m sure there were more things we’ve had to endure;

From finding a house, to dealing with life,

From finding a job, to dealing with strife.

Do you remember the good and the bad?

The good and the bad moments we’ve had,

The ups and downs, the turns and bends;

The new beginnings and severed ends.

Though there’s much more questions I have to ask;

I know that it is us who lie behind a mask

The mask formed of a personal problem,

The mask formed, caused to condemn.

Setting all that aside, I wish for our good health,

I hope we have good fortune, and plenty of wealth.